Saturday, April 11, 2020

Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Let's celebrate Easter and Passover with those we are quarantined with! 

Let's make our celebrations streamlined services from your Church or Synagogue, make a special a board game, go for a walk, read a book together. Do something special to create a memory of this great event!

I can be reached for emergencies -

(586) 856-6660 

I am also face-timing patients and parents; I am referring to this as, "Tele-Orthodontics." I have been successful eliminating patient appointments to the office with this method.  If you have questions or just want to talk about your treatment- I am available!

Hopefully, the office will re-open in May.  Appointments are being rescheduled beginning with patients affected with the first closed date of March 23, 2020.  Be patient, our goal is to keep you on track with your care. 

I am also sending out Newsletters via E-Mail;  please watch for these.  If your E-Mail address is not on file at the office; provide the information, and I will update our records.  

Patients- Brush 3x/day, and floss 1x/day.  Be careful with the foods you eat to avoid breakage and loose brackets. 

If you need supplies, such as elastics or flossers; let me know, and I will make certain you receive these.  

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Enjoy your Holiday and time with loved ones; I miss all of you, and I can't wait to see you.