Thursday, February 21, 2019

Congratulations Judy- 30 years of service!

Thank you, Judy for 30 years of service!  I am so appreciative of your loyalty, commitment, faithfulness and dedication.  Your contributions through the years are beyond measurable!  Let's continue the fun for next 30 years!

Congratulations, are due to Judy on her successful renewal of SOA Certification.  SOA (Specialized Orthodontic Assistant) is the highest certification available to orthodontic staff.  Judy achieved SOA status in 2013.  SOA comes up for renewal every (3) years, and requires satisfying at least 24 credit hours of Continuing Education.  Judy successfully renewed in 2016, and now 2019.  

Well done, Judy!  I am so proud of you and grateful for your contributions to the All Star Team!

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