Tuesday, September 29, 2020

New Office Contest Fall/Halloween 2020

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to decorate the office for Fall/Halloween 2020, however, this bully can't stop us from welcoming Fall at home! The office is sponsoring a contest featuring your home Fall/Halloween decor.

Prize will be a Fall basket featuring surprises and a $100 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory!

Tag the office (Dr. Jusino) on Facebook or Instagram with your pictures.  If you do not have social media:

Send your photos to the office email: DrJusino@DrJusino.com

Contest ends October 31, 2020

Please give permission to share photos on the office Facebook page and social media if emailing. 

All entries will be placed for a drawing of the prize.  The family name will be entered into the drawing.  Note:  This is not a contest based on judging - just enjoying!

The office Fall/Halloween 2019

Hintz Family
Leffler Family
Jaberu Family
Hancock Family         


Stanis Family
Coltman Family


Dr. J at home        


 Join the fun and send your pictures!

Dr. Thomas D. Jusino 


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